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Non-profit Foundation

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Our aim

DiCascata Foundation has been registered for a charitable purpose as well as a public benefit.

Here are our major goals:

1/ Education and research.

2/ Research and development of healthy conditions for the life of people, animals and plants.

3/ Organisation of stays for intercultural exchanges for the purpose of spreading cultural, spiritual and national identities.

4/ Support of quality fair and slow tourism in Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. We also provide  include exchange of information, feedback, and experience with services and products by engaging the public through social networks.

5/ Support of healthy lifestyle and social interaction of children, youth and parents. Educational andrelaxing, and digital detox camps and stays for families.

6/ Protection of animals and preservation of the natural character of the landscape for their life.

7/ Creating, practicing ,and developing ecologically sustainable structures in the landscape in harmony with nature.

8/ Community production of quality natural locally-sourced food, especially for families with children whodo not have the opportunity to produce their own food.

9/ Creating inspiring and supportive spaces for artists and “world schoolers”.  Educational and artistic intercultural exchanges.

10/ Preservation of sustainable ecological management of the land in the Czech Republic and abroad.

11/ Cultivating ingredients typical of the area (e.g. sunflowers in the Czech Republic, olive oilin Croatia, roses and wine in Bosnia and Herzegovina). Producing food for the children and their parents who arrivefor educational, healing and creative stays. 

12/ Organisation of camps to connect children with nature and develop artistic, linguistic and sports skillschildren’s abilities, their intercultural exchange, etc., in the Czech Republic and abroad.

13/ Design and organisation of educational programs for children in the Czech Republic, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and other countries.

14/ Organisation of so-called digital detoxification stays for adults and children.

15/ Intercultural education and international exchanges of know-how of small companies in the Czech Republic, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia.

16/ Presentation of Czech art abroad.

17/ Organisation of art symposia, works of art, and meetings with international cultural exchange.

18/ Construction of the tomb and museum of the first world Czech gold medalist in sport, table tennis world champion Marie Kettnerová, museum administration.

19/ Writing books and producing audio-books on topics related to the purposes of the endowment fund describedin points 1/ to 18/, including publishing, and translation activities.


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About Us

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More About Us

Address in the Czech Republic:

DiCascata Neziskový Fond

Macharova 302/13, 

702 00 Ostrava, Přívoz,

Česká Republika

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+385915588649 (WhatsApp)


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Our completed projects so far:

Gallery & Educational Centre RADost

Mule Hodžića 33

Visoko, Bosnia and Herzegovina

(Let’s meet there May – September 2023)

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